Congratulations to the 20 lucky winners selected to receive a 2019 Photographer Badge and parking pass to the InTouch Credit Union Plano Balloon Festival. The call for entries began August 11 and the drawing was held Monday, August 19 at the Festival Preview in the parking lot of Central Market in Plano.


The badge permits unlimited admission throughout the three-day weekend to attend the scheduled activities such as the balloon launch in the mornings and balloon glow in the evenings.  Photographers are also allowed to show their badge and walk onto the field to get shots with their cameras that are so close you can feel the heat of the burners and hear the roar of the crowds.



2019 Photographer Badge Winners


Cheryl Mills
Mark McCallum
Victoria Byrd
Rocio Sanchez
Darryl Patterson
Alfredo Arteta
Randal Ellis
Jennifer Hooks
Cathy Welty
Danny Garcia
Elizabeth Rivera
Amber Ford
Bobette Mauck
Christine Flatley
Sharyn DeBonis
Alberto Martin del Camp
Shelly Franklin
Galen Johnson
Brandi Ayala
Michael Farnham


Many of the winners were present at the time of the drawing and picked up their Photographer Badge packages at Central Market.  Those who were not in attendance should have received their packages by regular mail.


The 20 winners from 2018 have been contacted and mailed photographer badges for this year since they were unable to use them last year.


For more information please email: and thank you to everyone who submitted their photos for the drawing!



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