The Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon is known for the custom finisher medals and hot air balloons, but has also received a tremendous amount of respect for the volunteers who help set the pace for other runners. The pace team for the 2019 race consists of 66 members of the Craig Ranch Running Club that serve as a pacer, floater or sweeper. Find out more about this dedicated group by visiting their Facebook page.


Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon 2:20 Pace Team
Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon 2:35 Pace Team


Pace 1:30    Karl Huchthausen, Keith Pierce, Brent Woodle
Pace 1:35    Rachel Warner, Kiley Couch, Jeffrey Christian
Pace 1:40    Kevin Newton, Ray Nichols, Raquel Jimenez
Pace 1:45    Ray Liberatore, Bob Smeby, Zach Shirely
Pace 1:50    Danielle Walker, Brian Hinton, Tuan Nguyen
Pace 1:55    Marcos Vargas, Scott Manis, Rishi Goel
Pace 2:00   Mark Trayer, Aiming Herrington, Meredith Cotton
Pace 2:05   Samantha Sells, Marissa Sifuentes, Jourdan Esquenazi
Pace 2:10    Ankush Bhatia, Jon Cotton, Jessie Anderson
Pace 2:15    John Lawson, Manzoor Mohideen, Tracy Boyd
Pace 2:20   Tim Montano, Sarah Snyder, Ana Fernandez
Pace 2:25   Ed Steinkamp, Glenn Robertson, Melody Ongayo
Pace 2:30   Marissa Zoda, Kristin Vega, Kathy Williams
Pace 2:35   Michael Hutchison, Julia Xia, Michelle Gallagher
Pace 2:40   Victor Salazar, Sandra Trevino, George Villareal
Pace 2:45   Kylar Anderson, Rosalind Buchalski, Mona Sepulevda
Pace 2:50   Bonita Rogers, Johanna Chi, Shana Williams
Pace 2:55   Heather Hutchison, Lynda Tilley, Shilpi Adya
Pace 3:00  Natanja Hunter, Monica Sanders, Susan Forsvall
Pace 3:30  Michelle Ranzer, Alison Moore, Blanca Garcia


Floaters:  James Allen, Janice Couch, Jeanette Caballero-Bell, Joe Perez, and Parvinder Ahlawat


Use discount code CRRC to receive 15% off runner registration. Online registration for the Half Marathon closes at 12pm (Noon) on Saturday, September 21, 2019. There is no race day registration available.  View the 2019 race shirts and medals that were revealed earlier this summer.


Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon 2:05 Pace Team
Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon 2:05 Pace Team


Plano Balloon Half Marathon 1:30 - 2:00 Pace Team
Plano Balloon Half Marathon 1:30 – 2:00 Pace Team