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Pilot Registration 2024

Registration is divided into 5 sections: Pilot, Balloon, Clothing, Lodging, and Comments. Please complete all sections before finalizing your registration.
The information provided in this form will only be used by Festival Personnel to communicate with you. We will not sell your information or send you spam.

1. Pilot

(First and Last Name)
Certificate Type

FAA Medical

Name of Insurance Company

In the past 5 years and while holding a Pilot Certificate have you been convicted of any offenses involving alcohol or drugs as outlined in 14FR 61.15 or 61.16?
Check one

If you answered YES to the question above, please answer the question below.
Have you filed the Notification Letter required by 61.15?

Have you ever been cited by the FAA for violation of any FAR?

Have you had an incident or accident within the past 5 years that required a report under NTSB 830?

2. Balloon

If balloon has less than 100 hours, please put n/a
If you have not provided a photo in the past, please upload an image of your balloon.

3. Clothing

Up to 4 shirts provided for crew members. Please select sizes below.

4. Lodging

The Home2 Suites accommodations include your choice of a King Studio Suite or Double Queen Studio. Both room types include a Queen Sleeper Sofa. Hampton Inn & Suites accommodations include your choice of a Standard King Bed or Standard Double Queen Beds.

Hotel Preference

Room 1 - Pilot Room Preference

If needed, we will provide one additional room to be used for crew for Friday and Saturday evenings.
Please do not contact the hotel directly for your pilot and crew room the Festival is providing (up to two rooms provided per balloon).
If an additional room is needed, please click on the links provided on the Pilot Information page.

Room 2 - Crew Room Preference

Need Crew Hotel Room Friday?

Need Crew Hotel Room Saturday?


By completing registration you agree to participate in all scheduled balloon activities including flight, static display, and glow. (Weather permitting)
Pilot in Command must be approved by the Event. The Event retains the right to review and not accept a potential Pilot in Command.

Photographs can be taken and used for publicity which may include social media outlets.

Please complete all five sections and click the SUBMIT BUTTON to finalize your registration.

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